Head of Procurement, Gatwick Airport Limited

"As strategic advisor to GatwickProcurement from 2011-2013, John Judge provided a wealth of knowledge and expertise which had a quantifiable impact at Gatwick from a commercial perspective but also in works progressing our thinking on the decade of change and challenging our processes and procedures. John’s approach is respectful, knowledgeable and challenging which enables him to build strong relationships and get the best from the people he is working with whilst ensuring results are delivered. I would be delighted to work with John again or recommend his approach and skill set to other organisations."


Managing Director, Atkins Rail 


GM North America, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions

"Judge 3D is a trusted partner of the Atkins Rail team. Their contribution has made a real difference to our projects over the years. I continue to be impressed by their insightfulness, commitment and determination to help us deliver excellent results in all circumstances."

"Judge 3D delivers a competent and highly professional commercial support service – where you want it and when you need it."


Commercial Director & Company Secretary, Direct Route PPP Co and D&C Co. 

"Could not have happened without Judge 3D"


Commercial Manager, London Underground Limited

“The Airwave system increases safety on the underground and assists the emergency services in their work, so it was a very important project for us. Judge 3D’s contribution made it both a commercial and delivery success.”


Head of Perations, Gatwick Airport Limited 

"We are really pleased with Judge 3D and Lee’s appointment, they have worked hard to understand our business and values. I am very confident we have the right partner to help us deliver and win as a business."

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