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Commercial Management

At Judge 3D we provide commercial management services on large infrastructure projects, working in a close trusted relationship with our clients to create the right strategy, manage & mitigate risk and endeavour to ensure the outcomes meet our clients’ business objectives.

Dispute Resolution

Innovative Independent Dispute Resolution (IIDR) is unique to Judge 3D. It has proved very successful in providing independent reviews and resolution of disputes being trusted by clients and contractors. This allows parties to reach mature business settlements without the need for a very expensive legal challenge.
Why is this so effective? Disagreements between companies are bad for current and future business relationship.
What does IIDR do? It avoids traditional adversarial approach in favour of a mature constructive dialogue to resolve the issues at hand.
How? By engaging with and constructively challenging all parties, as a trusted independent expert and thereby providing confidence for all parties to reach an agreed settlement and move forward positively.

Bond Facilitation

Through our formal relationship with a world leading Surety broker, we are able to resolve and support your business to secure appropriate and very competitive performance and other bonds so your business can grow. At Judge 3D, we understand how to arrange and negotiate the intricacies of all forms of bonds, that work for our clients and their customers. Whether in the UK or overseas we can procure and facilitate your bond requirements in an economic and timely manner. We specialise in the negotiation of complex JV relationships where the parties often have conflicting processes and their processes and their preferred surety brokers and providers.

Capital Investment Expert Review

Judge 3D is experienced in many forms of Capital Investment Gateway processes across a number of primary infrastructure sectors. This combined with our sector delivery experience provides a unique perspective, which enables us to support clients in their capital investment decisions. Our primary focus is on the accuracy of capital turn-out costs and our expertise has allowed us to undertake such reviews on behalf of Transport for London, Network Rail and AWE. Our ability to test strategy, procurement approach, contracting model, scope definition, estimating and programme underpin the confidence our clients have in the outputs from our reviews.

Bid Commercial Management

As Bid Commercial Managers we have guided clients to secure successful tender submissions, up to and individual value of £1.5bn. If you have strategically important complex tenders, then we at Judge 3D act as trusted Bid Commercial Managers on behalf of all parties, especially in JV bids, to consolidate and present a commercially compelling and compliant tender submission. Similarly we can assist or act as your lead Bid Commercial Manager, to ensure that your tender submission. Similarly, we can assist or act as your lead Bid Commercial Manager, to ensure that your tenders are competitive, leading to contract awards.

Change Control

A common problem on large infrastructure projects is the scale, both in terms of volume and value of changes under the contract. We at Judge 3D provide disciplined commercial management in the execution of our clients change control obligations under the contract. We have supported customers in the UK and overseas through implementation of bespoke change control management processes tailored to the obligations of the parties to the contract.

Commercial Assurance & Training

Clients often have commercial processes and procedures in place yet experience repeated challenges in delivering their contractual obligations. Judge 3D's commercial assurance is a targeted approach to support and enhance our customers' commercial processes and procedures, to assess staff competency and to improve contract knowledge and ultimately improved budgetary control or profitability by providing tailored commercial assurance training solutions.


The alignment of Procurement Strategy, Market Engagement and Deployment to the goals and objectives of a major infrastructure project are critical to its success. At Judge 3D we support our customers developing and applying procurement requirements to the supply chain in both OJEU and non-OJEU environments. The importance of active market interest and managing proactive and positive relationships with appointed suppliers are key to maintain a focus on timely delivery and cost control, which forms the bedrock of our approach.

Contract Administration

At Judge 3D Contract Administration is a core primary service. We support clients and Tier 1 consultants and contracting supply chains with disciplined contract administration. Our experience across a raft of different forms of contract from the NEC suite to bespoke tailored specific contracts underpinned by a range of commercial models are custom and practice for us at Judge 3D.


Who We Are

Define, Develop, Deliver.

Since 2005 Judge 3D has been providing specialist commercial management services on large infrastructure contracts to customers in several sectors.
Established to bring together like-minded senior commercial experts to provide a disciplined approach to commercial management and particularly help our clients resolve their commercial challenges,
With over 10 years in business, Judge 3D has delivered tens of millions of pounds of savings and improved margins for its clients whilst contributing to key infrastructure within the UK and overseas.


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