I am an infrastructure client, does Judge 3D have the skills and capability to support our capital investment?

In short, yes, we have a wealth of experience in capital investment stage gate and control systems while at the same time, working with client teams to drive projects for on time delivery and within budget estimates.

Can you help with an emerging dispute re under valuation for an NEC Option A with significant variations?

At Judge 3D we are experienced in NEC forms of contract, option A is often a challenging vehicle to control costs when significant change occurs. We are well versed in reviewing and recovering appropriate valuation which is key within this type of contract.

Our contract has been terminated can you help us manage the situation?

Termination rights and remedies can vary significantly depending on the form of contract, particularly if one party is at fault. At Judge 3D we have dealt with a number of similar circumstances which have resulted in improved settlement values of c30%+.

I'm concerned about our assessment criteria for a critical tender. Can you advise on options to manage this risk?

On the basis this is an OJEU compliant requirement one option could be a 'gaming study' to test the variable options which may arise from the supply chain. This approach often identifies major fluctuations between tenders, which have little effect on the scoring mechanism i.e. once identified one can review the assessment criteria to minimise unexpected effects in the scoring mechanism.


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